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Watch On Watch realizes that purchasing a watch from an Internet shop can feel a bit uncertain for many customers. Here is some more information about shopping at Watch On Watch.

How do I find and choose my watch?How do I find and choose my watch?

How do I buy a watch at Watch On Watch? How do I buy a watch at Watch On Watch?

Is it safe to shop at Watch On Watch? Is it safe to shop at Watch On Watch?

What happens after my order? What happens after my order?

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How do i find and choose my watch?

How to Find the Perfect Watch.

If you know the watch you want, just write the name of the model or the product number in the search field. The product number will give you the exact watch, the name of the model can give several hits.

If you don't have a name or a product number, but you have an idea about the watch you would want, please use the search function on the lower left corner, under the Watch On Watch logo. Just fill out the fields and search function will find you some alternatives.

You can also find your watch by clicking at the list of brand names on the left. You can refine your choise by filling out the menu above the watches.

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How do i buy a watch at Watch On Watch?

Watch On Watchs purchase process is divided into a number of quick and easy steps. Customers will need to provide certain information in order to complete their purchases.

1) Select a watch and add it to the shopping cart.

2) Check to make sure that the product in the shopping cart is the correct product. Choose a delivery method. Read more about delivery choices here. Once the selection has been made, the price will be updated automatically to accommodate the delivery fees. The price that is stated is the price for the order, including taxes and delivery fees. Further costs may be added in the next step depending on the payment method chosen. For example, a fee is charged for paying in installments.

3) Fill in all fields that are marked with an asterisk. Note that Watch On Watch only delivers to registered addresses. Choose a payment method: credit card, direct payment or invoice. Customers choosing invoice payments will be forwarded to DebiTechs website. DebiTech arranges the billings and contacts the banks and other financial institutions. Watch On Watch never processes any information regarding customers banks or credit cards.

4) Fill in all the information required by DIBS/DebiTech. DIBS/DebiTech have a very secure website and all information entered in the forms is safely encrypted and sent directly to Handelsbanken Finans, which is a reputable Swedish bank. Watch On Watch has no access to customer account or card information. Check that all fields are complete and that the information provided is correct. Customers addresses will be checked with the national registry and cannot be changed to an unregistered address.

5) Check to make sure all information is complete and correct. If changes are needed, return to the previous page by using the browsers back button. Once all the information is complete, continue with the purchase.

6) Print out the receipt from Watch On Watchs checkout page for future reference. Once the necessary information has been filled in on the DIBS/DebiTech page, customers will be returned to Watch On Watchs checkout page. The checkout page will include an order number and receipt listing the purchase(s). To simplify communication and to make it easier for Watch On Watch to help customers, it is recommended that customers provide their order numbers in any communication they have with the company.

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Is it safe to shop at Watch On Watch?

Watch On Watch provides customers with secure online shopping. Watch On Watch works only with reputable companies that maintain high Internet security standards.

Watch On Watch uses DIBS for payments. DIBS is a market leader in payment services in Scandinavia. Banks and card issuing companies have certified that DIBS provides the securest transactions possible.

DIBS is certified according to international card issuing companies’ new security requirements (PCI). DIBS uses 3D Secure (Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code). The system is designed to identify the card holder for secure online purchases. The identification is similar to the one that occurs when a person withdraws money from an ATM. The system is constructed so that the card holder uses a personal code in order to complete a purchase. With this technology, the card holder can be certain that the card information is not used illegally.

All payment transactions at Watch On Watch are processed using DIBS.Watch On Watch uses Handelsbanken for all transactions. All information that a Watch On Watch customer enters in order to make a purchase is sent to Handelsbanken using the high-security encryption software. Watch On Watch never processes any information regarding customers’ banks or credit cards.

Watch On Watch uses VeriSign, which encrypts information using a secure socket layer (SSL) Certificate. VeriSign is the leading secure sockets layer (SSL) Certificate Authority enabling secure e-commerce using 128 bit or 256 bit digital encryption. SGC SSL is the strongest SLL encryption. Over 99.9% of Internet e-commerce transactions use VeriSign.

An SSL Certificate has two parts: a public key and a private key. The public key is used to encrypt information and the private key is used to decipher it. When a Web browser points to a secured domain, a Secure Sockets Layer handshake authenticates the server (website) and the client (Web browser). An encryption method is established with a unique session key. The browser and the website can then begin a secure session that guarantees message privacy and message integrity.

Each SSL Certificate is created for a particular server in a specific domain for a verified business. Much like a passport or a driver’s license, an SSL Certificate is issued by a trusted authority, the Certificate Authority (CA).

Imagine sending mail through the postal system in a clear envelope. Anyone with access to it can see the data. If it looks valuable, they might take it or change it.

How do i know the page is encrypted and what pages do you encrypt?

Watch On Watch encrypts each webpage that requires personal information from customers. A webpage is encrypted when the URL in the browser’s address bar starts with https instead of http. Certain web browsers display a small magnifying glass in the bottom right corner of the application as a further indication that the webpage is encrypted. The address bar in the Mozilla/Firefox browser turns yellow to indicate that an SSL Certificate has been activated.

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What happens after my order?

When an order has been placed, Watch On Watch will send a confirmation letter to the address the customer provided upon opening an account. The confirmation letter will include the order number, which should be kept for future reference in case there is a problem.

To track an order, customers can log into My Page on the Watch On Watchs website. My Page records purchases and tracks orders. If there is a problem or a delay with an order, Watch On Watch will contact the customer by mail or SMS, if a mobile phone number has been provided.

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When we deliver the product, you will be notified by email and sms. If you have chosen the Postal Service a notification will be sent to you once the package has arrived at the post office. If you have chosen the UPS Home Delivery we will notify you before the delivery. Please note the UPS delivers during the day and customers must personally sign for their delivery. The deliveries are made during the day time, and UPS is only able to make three separate delivery attempts. If the product can not be delivered after three attempts, the product is returned to Watch On Watch. You can either pick up your watch or arrange for a new delivery (delivery charge).

Orders can be collected from Watch On Watch in person at the office in Sehlstedtsgatan 7, Stockholm. Please contact Watch On Watch to arrange an appointment. Call 08-641 14 40 or send an email to

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Watch On Watch is a limited company selling watches online (such as Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer). Our mission is to offer the widest product range and great service. Every watch comes with all manufacturer warranties and certificates. All watches are also fully insured during transportation.

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